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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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don't a lot of damage if you try to do it fast and see i think that kind of thing will be positive whether you need approvals from other departments i'm going to support of the motion i still would like more parking but it seems like we don't have the roads to get the additional parking so we'll have to go with what staff approved it is regrettable people have cars and park them someplace it is inrealistic we how hard it is to get to one part of attain i don't know how you take a bus to
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north beach i i'd rather walk. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much this is a far walk i would ride my bike maybe a quick question when i was reading the staff reporting i was confused whether i agree with them or not the streetscape was suggested by staff some seem their dbi and mta issues staff real quick which ones can be conditioned. >> the ones that the project sponsor agreed it are the better streets plan can be adapted as part of the plan it's a code requirement for the project so the commission has discretionary over addressing those elements you know for the project based on that planning code and thank you very much to clarify the
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parking ratio for this project is what. >> it basically changes based on the zoning district the staff illustrates i can get you it. >> that would be great and district is .5 and the commission has used that as a guide generally, the commission has improved the t district. >> i said to clarify what it actually was as a comment in general we have issues where the streetscape is thinking about the 16th and van ness project there were a lot of streetscape we continent condition and they have to go to other depended thanks. >> parking ratio.
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>> so for fillmore fulsome and it is permitted for 38 sorry .75 and .5 and .75 okay. thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> so i think that the gentleman last year last time we discussed that as a right it would be 72 parking spaces; is that correct okay. so that's what we're voting on. >> commissioners there is a motion and second with approved conditions with the bulb out and crosswalk with no additional parking. >> raised or high visibility.
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>> raised or high visibility very good on that motions. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner fong and commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero commissioners that place you on item 13 for the case at 800 indiana street for a large project authorization commissioners due to a noticing error on the agenda that doesn't specifically call out the sequa items unfortunately you can't act on that matter today, however, he can hear the matter take a motion of intent and have it placed and continue it to january 8th and have it fall on our consent calendar i apologize
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for that to the project sponsor. >> good afternoon, commissioners rich with the department staff the project is a large are authorization and shadow findings for 800 indiana street under the conditional use authorization they're seeking the modification for a rear yard open space and permitted obstructions and dwelling unit and horizon mass production prior to seeking actions on the stimulate the commission must adapt the sequa flgdz which was certified on december 4th in the motion as commission secretary i mentioned there was an omission in the calendar so your action should you choose to take it another motion to paragraph or obviously modifications and
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continuance the proposed project includes the demolition of a two-story house and mr. stansburg 74 thousand secret and the new c of a residential story building with 3 hundred and 26 dwelling units and 4 shared car spaces and off-street spaces and bicycle spaces and an additional one hundred and 47 parking spaces it consists of 9, 3 bedroom units and 2 bedroom units and one hundred and 10 studio unions the proposed project has common open space for 73 units via private places and plaza it will incorporate a
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dog park underneath the offer pass on 30th street today, the department has received a few correspondents that primarily express support and earlier today the rec and park adapted the ordinance which need that the additional shadows will not be adverse the project will address the payment of the affordable housing fee the staff is in agreement with the proposed modification given the outstanding unit design after analyzing all aspects of the project the staff recommends approval it complies with the american people waterfront area plan and the project is located in a zoning district where it is permitted and has upgrades of
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bulb out and sidewalk shaping and dog park it is respectful of the neighborhood and provides a scale for a large block and fits the hiring plan and adams to the housing stoke and pay the appropriate impact fees the project sponsor has prepared short presentation concludes my presentation. i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. and project sponsor. >> thank you, commissioners my name is joe i'm with affordable housing lane we're the project sponsor and the owner and manager of this building once complete i have a long his of building along san francisco we helped to revitalize mission street and
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now we're thrilled to be joining the dog patch we set out to design this o primary goals to reflect a in this case fabric in the dog patch and we really building our success is tied to audio ability to come through so to do this we've assembled a skill team and then what we did was linked we prepared at community meeting and sat at kitchen tables offer the psa past years and see this an interesting place we have addressed the concerns and make that better we learned about the proposed design which parts are working and not as a result we've come up with first a design that the neighbors embraced but for example, we're going to build a public dog park
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you'll see it when the arithmetic through go through and turn it into a public amenity and you know really maybe a little bit above and beyond similarly we're going to transform the streetscape from in front of our site it is a mustache much wider sidewalk and we also explicit look at that in isolation but we looked to the neighbors fewer block stretch so all the indiana street can have it in a cooperated way we're proud to present i'm happy to introduce you our team dan, and
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others take it away and terrific peter with architects and hopefully on the screen we have on the screen excellent an overview of the project the site as everyone understands is the long warehouse and it is a long existing warehouse next slide thank you not too much happening on the street but on the next street the street park development that has the wide landscape opportunity this neighborhood daich is a great accomodation building character so our approach to replace the large fingertip with 3 ding buildings restore it and have a
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mid block building each designed by a different architecture team and they share a common and active frontage along the townhomes and four shared common spaces and a pattern of openings between building in the mid block and opportunities for the endangered pocket plaza punk waited by a plaza and the park that joe talked about under the underpass the streetscape has rich landscape and pocket parks doesn't with the dog park at the end is part of a landscape from 18 to 20th street dog park is that area underneath
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of the overpass quite tall about 50 feet and 9 thousand square feet there closed the dog park and lighting is all maintained by avalon bay a great compliment to a streetcar and then in 3 dynamics if indiana you see the fingertips become 30 pieces of architectures which step back and open up all that carefully worked out with the neighborhood i'm going to turn it over to owen. >> thank you owen with the planning and architect the south side of the site and the building slides ranked the existing former railway it is the industrial pass when trains roll up indiana street our
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building gives express to this rail easement we've divided the building into two pizza piece other than the south side on the left is following the level of the easement and there it was originally planned to 5 stories we've lowered it down to 4 stories from feedback from the neighborhood it has actually a long internal property line but still a facade to the street and we've reconciled this problem with vertical bay windows that protrude i understand i said street, and, secondly, by he south setting it back from the property line it t it protects
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the angle the easement to the north to the right is a anchoring ground floor lobby it has a nice feel and curving profile that provides light and air and more open face to the 3 public facades and acts its it way in transition to b and so building b consists of a line of townhomes in the next slide those are about 3 feet set back you get a nice continuous terrace and the stack of two-story bays on top of that horizon frame the next slide public department of transportation waited by a piece that encaps the lobby lodge and
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that's the central place the gathering areas for the push mid block on that site next slide the section you see the central practice these and it con strict the street and kaumgz the street and compliments the landscape footage next slide and to dan. >> daniel with solomon architect we're the architects for the northern section of the warehouse it's called a we've destined that as what we call a finger plan 3 particularly bars around the squared up and down the street along the freeway our design resonates with the qualities that gives dog patch pittsburgh
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that's special charm in several ways it picks out the the rhythms of the neighborhood vertically propositional to the neighborhood it replicates the handsome brick of the street building across the street with major openings gather into a double high quarter and deeply recuse as traditional brick masonry it creates a street footage along indiana with intriguing entries and the street footage is animated in the middle of of our stoops in the ground floor unit and in the south side with the glassy lounge and common
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dogwatch on the northern corner facing the new dog patch park thank you. >> so just to take a few minutes inform conclude thank you to the staff and also on the environmental side fantastic to work you with we've working hard to make sure we put this tangibly better we're proud we've done it testament to the project we have a unanimous endorsement and here to ask you to join and approve that project. >> (calling names). >> i live a block away from the
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site since this project is rather large for our small neighborhood no southerners from the neighborhood from the beginning, however, the project sponsors engaged with the community and represented the project until they delivered the design and as was mentioned sdma you know unanimously supported the project 800 indiana street will bring significant and meaningful benefits to dog patch community and much needed housing and stunning architecture and new dog patch park i strongly encourage your approval. >> thank you. next speaker. and good afternoon rob pool again along the architects they presented the projects to us earlier this year our members
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were authentic it is not good the way it was along the transit line and by breaking it up into 3 spaces it created numerous streetscape improvements and gone above and beyond with their streetscape plan the dog park is a fantastic edition and overall this is a great project i hope you support it as is on behalf of the coalition happy holidays happy new year and all that you do thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon again, i'm janet the president of the dog
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patch neighborhood association i'm here he representing the neighborhood we met with the project sponsor for a couple of years now and they have done a great job actually redesigning the project from the original project the previous owner we're thrilled what they've come up with to get a great design for the neighborhood one of our concerns was being able to see potrero hill from dog patch the previous design eliminated that they've done a good job we don't feel cut off from potrero hill we asked for 3 bedroom units we're really to to ask all the developers they're doing that putting that in for us streetscape is really great we're looking forward to that the off leash dog park we hope
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the city will finally endorse the non off park it is a people park bus a de facto dog park we hope this will help the neighborhood so in general it is a good project one of the things we discussed we didn't feel was happening it the on site affordable housing we ask we would like to have that in our neighborhoods specifically because the neighborhood is becoming very you know, if you will, upscale nothing affordable so to keep affordable housing but i'm sure they'll continue to work without and it will be whatever it is so i think a that's about it in general we're happy about the project they've been great to work with and we're looking at
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to it going forward. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good evening, commissioners joel electric local 6 i'm speaking in favor of two projects with that said, i'm having more taking points i'm familiar with the site i was employed on a project on third and had lunch in the park this project is definitely desirable and necessary we've reached out to avalon bay through the dna we're confident it will assist local businesses and contractors if san francisco we'll be urging
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local electricians in san francisco and spend their money in san francisco and awe prince and funding our program in if the local 6 my own hauling hall and i'm in favor of the project i courage our support in pushing it through thank you. >> thank you is there any additional public comment seen none, public comment is closed. commissioner moore. >> when we have a project of this size and everything agrees i can only say congratulations to all it is hatred to bring a big project for the record in a collaborative and supportive effort i couldn't be more happy
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particularly today to say this is when i'd like to add i believe this project is creative and whimsical and the reason why i'm saying that is the following we have a variety of for large projects a variety of building massing and building expression we have a whole new convenient calorie that gives us a sense of place and emphasis on trying large open space together with streetscaping improvements which in an area we're going to have a lot of changes and i couldn't be happier i would consider living there that's not in the cards having said that, i want to ask
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the folks one question your facade the west common west facing facade looking at towards the freeway is a tenth of a mile-long i have a concern that particular facade didn't have a civic diverse enough expression he while we're experiencing it on the freeway driving i want it to be the same architecture i want to know there's a residential building on the other side that has expression there's a civic side i don't see here i want to ask to make it more of a two sided building i believe that freeway architecture unfortunately, we have 2 freeway architecture by needs to have a user friendly
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side i understand the rooms that are facing it you have a are corridor and access to boormdz to get the but for but i want to see more variety on the ocean side otherwise you have my one hundred percent support to move forward. >> commissioner oh, sorry. >> is it possible to make a quick response. >> go ahead. >> i might put an image up there's an i am in the packet we give this a lot of thought, of course, that piece ties together the building and the building forms an acoustic buffer to the neighborhood but it is where the circulation is on the building what we have come up with at this point though definitely a piece of earth that wraps around
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creating a nice eloquent course element as you come down the freeway so the commissioners we're proposing as you say long commissioner a series of sculpted pieces they breakdown this great color of materials and those openings between them you get light into that calibration the south light and in the evening we've litter that we have to keep in mind that facade is on 25 feet total in terms of what sticks up the freeway there's a lot of vegetation and there's a significant amount of trees but we thought of 43 it in terms of something that is in motion and we're concerned about the impact
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of lights and on the folks up the hill looking down from potrero hill the only place from potrero hill is the residents we couldn't find a view i appreciate the comment but we thought of it as something you view in motion and something pleasant to be in and have a presence in the evening and something also in some sense has kind of what is the right word industrial or whatever quality so that's our reason. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much i'm in port of the project but avalon is working with the developer on their project on indiana my main question and brought this up it is next to
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280 of it gets knocked down we're looking at this building seeing the highway section i appreciate the ventilation facility i understand that the radioactively core spaces are generally not considered an exposure zone for people with forgetting the wording right now and the receptors. >> yes. federally speaking you're not sitting out there all day long but you know on of a person might live they're having an open courtyard and building literally on the other side of


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